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About General Dentistry

The mouth can reveal findings of additional systemic problems or diseases which can impact on your overall health. As part of your comprehensive oral examination, your dentist will make a record of the findings which involves a comprehensive oral mucosal examination (oral cancer check), a full charting of your existing oral condition, treatment planning, radiographs (x-rays) and photographs (as required). Your dental professional will present you with all the information recorded and discuss your needs with you.


In all areas of health and well-being, prevention is better than cure – and at our practice it is our commitment to...

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth (third molars) usually push through (erupt) in the late teens or early twenties. They are the last teeth to

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Finance Options

PRIVATE HEALTH & HICAPS NO GAP for Basic Dental Services. At Avoca Beach Dental, we believe everyone should have access...

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Fillings are a procedure commonly used to treat cavities, repair damaged teeth and prevent further decay. The type of...

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The aim of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been irreversibly damaged due to tooth decay, disease or...

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Children’s Dentistry

It is important children start their dental health early in life to avoid future problems and any anxiety associated with a

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Snoring and sleep apnoea

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, and just what happens if you don’t get one. Snoring and sleep apnoea

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Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – Bruxism and Pain

Bruxism is when you clench (bite your top and bottom teeth together) or grind (slide your teeth back and forth over each...

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Sedation for the Anxious Patient

Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel at ease and comfort when undergoing a treatment. Some dental patients are...

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