It is very important that children start their dental health early in life. This helps to avoid future problems and any anxiety issues associated with a trip to the dentist.

Bonnells Bay Dental provides a safe, positive environment which we believe is crucial to building confidence and good habits. We understands children’s teeth and how important they are to parents.

Our Dental Hygienists are specifically trained to provide services that will better equipped your child in preventing any problems from arising. Some of these preventative procedures may include:

Child Dentistry


Tooth enamel is made more resistant to decay with the use of fluoride applied directly on to the teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral like calcium and when it is applied to the tooth surface, the enamel will become ‘remineralised’ and strengthen any weak areas.  It is effective on newly erupting permanent teeth and as a regular remineralising procedure.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

No longer does your child visit the dentist, be told that they need a filling and out they go. We now ensure that your child is shown correct oral hygiene practices to help them maintain an optimum level of oral health. Our Dental Hygienists will work together with your child to slowly teach them how to improve their tooth brushing techniques. This vital education is key to ensuring less problems in the future.


Regular dental examinations, better known as ‘check ups’, are especially important for young patients. The dentist will monitor young teeth to ensure that they are developing and erupting properly. This monitoring is crucial as when tooth decay is left untreated it can lead to rapid tooth destruction.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are protective coatings that are applied to the deep pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of back molar teeth, which is the most common tooth area where tooth decay occurs.

Fissure sealants are an effective way to prevent tooth decay, even if your child brushes and flosses carefully as it is difficult and sometimes impossible to clean the tiny grooves and pits on the teeth. Food and bacteria build up in these depressions making decay inevitable in some cases.

The application of a sealant is comfortable and quick. The material we use for this process allows fluoride to permeate through the sealant in order to continue to re mineralise the enamel.

Dietary Advice

A healthy diet is essential for healthy teeth. The bacteria which cause food decay are fed by carbohydrates, especially sugar. Soft drinks and sports drinks contain acid as well as sugar. It is the acid that causes the enamel to become weak and brittle and eventually breakdown. Our Dental Hygienists will provide expert dietary analysis and advice.

Ask our staff about your child’s first visit or how we can help with their ongoing dental health.