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Facial threading

About Facial threading

Facial threading is a non-surgical, injectable alternative to creating a facelift. This treatment delivers natural results by enhancing the facial structure, stimulating collagen, leaving the patient feeling rejuvenated and fresh. This treatment focuses on areas such as eyebrows, sagging skin on the mid and lower face, wrinkles and jowls. If you’re someone seeking a facelift but hesitant about undergoing surgery, facial threading is an ideal option.

Benefits of Facial Threading

  • Low Level of Discomfort:

    This treatment involves minimal discomfort with no general anaesthesia required
  • Minimally Invasive:

    This treatment is short with a short recovery period of a few days, depending on the individual
  • Excellent Results:

    Unlike a facelift which alters the complete look of the face, threading can be used for targeting problematic areas, leaving the skin looking tighter and refined.