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NO GAP for Basic Dental Services.

At Avoca Beach Dental, we believe everyone should have access to basic dental health services. That’s why we have no gap on any check-ups, cleans or x-rays, regardless of which health fund you are in. The following treatments will incur no out of pocket expenses*;

Preventative Checks & Examinations – When the dentist checks your teeth for cavities and gum disease.

Scale and clean – The removal of plaque and calculus, followed by a clean and polish to leave teeth smooth and help prevent bacteria sticking.

X-rays – Diagnostic & preventative radiography can help diagnose potential oral health issues, find cavities, examine tooth roots and bones, detect periodontal disease and check the status of developing teeth.

The above services are fully rebated for any private health insurance member – regardless of your health fund (Bupa, HCF, NIB, AHM, etc). That means there will be no out of pocket expenses for checkups, cleans or x-rays at Avoca Beach Dental. However – for those patients without private health insurance, the general cost for these services is approximately $190.

*For members of any private health fund registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.


Our practice has access to the HICAPS system. This electronic system allows those who have private health insurance with dental cover the ability to swipe their card at the end of their appointment. Your rebate automatically pays your benefit electronically to the practitioner and you outstanding amount will be known straight away where you can settle your account

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS)

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a scheme run by Medicare that provides eligible children with a rebate over 2 calendar years to pay for a range of dental services.

Dental services are capped at $1000 over 2 consecutive calendar years. The 2 year cap period starts when a child or teenager first gets an eligible dental service.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is aimed at families who are already receiving other benefits, such as Family Tax Benefit A payments.

The CDBS is for children aged 2 to 17 who are eligible for Medicare and who also receive at least one of the following benefits:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment
  • Special Benefit
  • Youth Allowance
  • help under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) if the child is 16 years or older
  • help under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme if the child is 16 or older.
  • In some cases, CDBS payments are made to parents, guardians or approved care organisations.

Eligibility is assessed at the beginning of the calendar year. You or your child have to meet the requirements for at least one day of the year. If you or your child become eligible during the calendar year (for example, if your child turns 2 during the year), they will receive a payment for the whole year.
Any money you don’t spend in the first year will be carried over to the second year.

What is covered?

CDBS covers dental services including examinations, routine cleaning, repairing cracked teeth, fillings and root canals.

Covered dental services include:

  • examinations
  • X-rays
  • cleaning
  • fissure sealing
  • fillings
  • root canals
  • extractions, and
  • partial dentures

If your child is eligible for this scheme there is no out of pocket expense for the above mentioned services.

The CDBS doesn’t cover orthodontic, cosmetic dental work, or dental services provided in hospital.

If your child is eligible for this scheme, they can expect no out of pocket expense for the above mentioned services. Please phone our friendly reception staff to assist you in determining your eligibility.

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