All on 4 Q + A with Dr Ned Restom

Have you heard about the revolutionary dental approach that is transforming Coastie smiles?

Are you embarrassed to show your smile because you have lost teeth?

All-on-4® dental implants can make you smile again.

What is All-on-4®?

The All-on-4 dental implant system is a groundbreaking dental technique that offers a permanent solution to missing teeth. The treatment involves supporting all teeth on just four implants, making them look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

The procedure is particularly suitable for patients who may have missing, decayed or broken/chipped teeth.

We asked local dentist and Practice Principal, Dr Ned Restom who is one of the few practitioners and leading Nobel BioCare partner on the Central Coast performing this treatment to share more insights into the dental innovation taking the Central Coast by storm.

All on 4 Q + A with Dr Ned Restom

Q. How do you describe All-on-4® to a new patient? What it is, and what to expect?

A. All on 4 is a branded term used by Nobel BioCare, and it literally means all the teeth on 4 implants. It has been known as a graft less solution to avoid grafting the sinuses in the upper jaw and stays away from the nerve at the back of the lower jaw. It was developed in 1999 and has shown tremendous success.

Q. When do you use All on 4 for patients?

A. When patients’ teeth are in a terminal state or haven’t had teeth in a while, and they are seeking fixed solutions.

Q. How long have you been doing All on 4?

A. My first case was in 2012, and we are the main providers of this treatment on the Central Coast.

Q. Who is suitable for All on 4?

A. Most people can be suitable. However, we do go through a long assessment process to ensure suitability and that helps us ensure positive outcomes for our patients.

Q. What is the success rate of All on 4?

A. We have a very high success rate, but this can vary amongst patients depending on their risk factors.

Q. How long does the process take for a patient?

A. For a suitable patient, the removal of the teeth, placement of implants and issuing of the new temporary fixed teeth are done in one visit, and then the temporary fixed teeth are replaced with permanent ones in 3-6 months. The permanent teeth are made following a digital smile design that incorporates the patient’s face into the design.

Q. What are the top 3 benefits of All on 4?

A. Fixed teeth, No grafting, great aesthetics

Q. Are there any draw backs to consider regarding All on 4?

A. Like any surgical procedure, there are risk associated and not all patients are suitable for this treatment. Failure can occur. We will meticulously screen our patients and educate them about the whole process.

Q. How much does it cost on average?

A. Cost varies depending on the process, but it ranges from 23-28k per arch. The process can be stretched out, and there are payment plans and options available for patients including accessing their super funds.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Pain is associated with surgical procedures and varies from one patient to another depending on their pain tolerance. Thanks to modern medicine, and the new wonder drugs such as dexamethasone (cortisone), the pain following surgery is very manageable. We also offer our patients sleep dentistry and IV sedation options to make the entire process more enjoyable.

Q. How long do implants take to heal?

A. Healing starts immediately after placement, but the implant integration into the bone varies depending on the location and the quality of the bone.

Q. How long do implants last?

A. We cannot specify exactly how long implants last as there are multiple variable factors that increase risks of failures. Providing our patients adhere strictly to our maintenance post op instructions and follow ups, we will warranty the prosthetic for 5 years and the implants for 10 years.

Q. Where can I get All on 4 implants?

A. we offer the treatment at our Central Coast practices including Avoca Beach Dental, Saratoga Dental, Empire Bay Dental, Bonnells Bay Dental and Warnervale Dental.

Dr Ned Restom and his team of qualified dental practitioners are the pioneers on the Central Coast for All on 4 dental implants and have been treating patients using the All on 4 approach since 1990.

If you are interested in finding out more about All on 4 dental implants, please contact our team today and get the new and improved smile you deserve!

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All surgical procedures carry risks and some results achieved in our cases may not be possible for every patient.  At our practice surgical and implant patients are welcome to attend for complimentary appointments to gain insight and education in order to give informed consent prior to any surgical procedures.  If you have any doubts or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us, or seek another opinion.